Monthly Archives: February 2014

Welcome to my blog

Having my own blog is not something I aspired to or even thought I would ever do. So the question I must ask myself is why? I am forever writing thoughts in notes on my phone and iPad after business and personal experiences. The way some people think and act amazes me. I am a people watcher. We are all different and have different motivations. Imagine if we were all exactly the same. With these things in mind, I thought having my own blog is a great way to properly collate these thoughts and observations, share them to whomever wants to read them and maybe (or maybe not) get some feedback. Bottom line, I don’t see any harm in it, no downside, only upside and who knows, I might enjoy it.

2014 is my 26th year of being involved in providing technology solutions for the automotive retail industry. The first 8 years were predominately in technical/product roles developing and supporting dealer management systems (DMS) and the past 18 years have been creating, selling and building solutions around online classifieds. I consider myself a technology person as in someone who likes to use technology to solve business/consumer needs as opposed to being a “tech-head”. I’m not a salesman but know I can sell anything, as long as I am passionate about it. After all, we are selling ourselves all the time.

I am currently the Group Strategy Director at Limited, an ASX100 company (ASX: CRZ). I am part of the executive management team that serves under our CEO & Managing Director, Greg Roebuck. Greg is an inspirational leader with his attention to the delivery of value a key asset as we go about continuing to build a great business, with a great executive team and led by a great Board with Wal Pisciotta at the helm – “if you can’t learn and develop in that environment then the problem is you”……..

Family, sport participation (playing days long gone but participation through kids and social) and keeping fit are priorities for me. I love watching my family grow in every aspect, sport ensures the circle of people I associate with is always varied and changing, it is a great leveller and keeping fit through daily exercise ensures I know I’m alive.

So, this is my first entry into this new world. Another milestone reached.