The Power Of A Resume, Beyond A New Job

Beyond the search for a new job, I’ve always felt a resume can be a great tool to measure progress in your employees and your current employment. Stay with me on this.

How many times have you had the thought or had one of your employees come to you and say “I think it’s time that I move on, I’m just not making any progress here”? It might be that they think they aren’t learning anything new or they haven’t felt they are achieving anything or they might feel that since they are still reporting to you after all these years then they must not be progressing.

“…even though I was still reporting to him after 6, 7, 8, years I was in fact still growing…”

I’ve heard these things a number of times before and in fact I might have been guilty of saying them one or twice. When I was a software developer early on I remember resigning on a couple of occasions and my manager had the knack of making me realise that it probably wouldn’t be the smartest move. He never offered me more money as he always said that everyone can always get more money elsewhere but at some point you will reach the limit of your abilities and start to go backwards.

What he did was make me realise that even though I was still reporting to him after 6, 7, 8 years I was in fact still growing, learning and achieving so much. It is very easy to forget.
One way that I overcome this with my employees is encouraging them to update their resume. When I do it, I guarantee to them that they will sell themselves short in their current roles and that I will be able to improve it.

Working on your resume even when not looking for a new job, provides a great insight into the achievements and skills you are collating right now, especially when your manager/boss can review and provide feedback on it. After all it should be in their interests for you to grow.

I realise that this approach is probably not for everyone. What if you help your employee update their and improve their resume and they leave? But then again what if they stay when they want to leave? I’ve only had one person as a result of helping them improve their resume and to be honest, I don’t regret it and was happy that they moved on.

I am a firm believer that we should all be aware of the way we are growing in our professional careers and keeping an updated resume is a great way of tracking your progress.

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