Do You Know Your Online Reputation?


carsales‘ core business model is around connecting sellers and buyers; we do an excellent job of doing this.

Once we have connected the seller and buyer, we provide tools and education around the best practices to make a sale. Here is an example of where post connecting the seller and buyer, somethings are out of our control.

We had a dealer who was questioning the quality of leads sent to him and subsequently what they were paying.

It’s always an interesting conversation because it’s not like leads are vetted for quality and the “good ones” sent to certain dealers yet we have dealers who sell a car from every 4 leads and dealers who sell a car every 9-10 leads. This dealer was in the latter bucket.
I decided to look a little further into the dealership to connect a few dots. Before I looked into the way they handle the leads (response time, etc) and I didn’t know if he had his own website so the first thing I did was a Google search.

On page 1 of the Google results was something that went someway to explaining things for me. The result description high up in the Google result list showed 1 star out of 5 from 12 from a user review site. Hmmm.

I clicked on the link to read the user reviews; they weren’t good reading (or maybe they were, depending on your need).
So picture this:

  1. You are a car buyer on carsales, you select a car you are interested in and submit an enquiry.
  2. An email is immediately sent to you with the dealer name and details.
  3. You go to Google to find the dealer website.
  4. Put in your face is a user review ranking of 1 star (out of 5) and a click away is 11 extremely negative reviews.

When the dealer contacts you about your enquiry what do you do?
It doesn’t matter how many leads carsales sends to this dealer or how little or much is charged; the dealer is going to struggle to convert some of the leads based on their online reputation.

In today’s connected world negative reviews are a click away so it is vital for businesses to first know what their online reputation looks like and then ensure they do something about it.

As I said, it’s always an interesting conversation.

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