3 Pillars of Car Classifieds


Chileautos, the newest member of the carsales family, has the tag line “Vehiculos en venta con fotographias” which translates in English to “Vehicles for sale with photos“.

It’s great now that we take it for granted that a car classified ad should have a photo(s) because when carsales started out, getting the car list and details from dealers was hard work let alone a photo!

For all the great advancements and features we have made on all our sites in adding the depth for sellers to sell and buyers to make their purchasing decisions a little easier (and safer), the fundamentals of selling online are still prudent and the cornerstone to selling online.

These are the 3 pillars of car classifieds:

1. Competitive Price

A competitive price doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest but over-pricing a car waiting for a “wood duck” to come along is long gone. Buyers are more educated than ever with all the information at their fingertips so knowing where you fit in the competitive landscape is vital and where products such as Price Assist and LiveMarket can help ensure you are in the game from the outset.
2. Lots of quality photos

One photo doesn’t cut it. Lots of quality photos showing all angles, inside and out to take as much of the guess work out of the process for the online buyer is the key. These photos also enable an automated video with sound over to be created further enhancing the consumer experience.
3. Descriptive comments

Comments should be about the unique features the car has; this is where the seller can actually sell the car. Seems simple but too many times we see sellers failing to capitalise on the free text they have here to actually sell the car. From my experience, here’s what the different types of sellers generally put in their comments:

Franchised dealers – Generally put more emphasis on their dealership than the car in the comments; I hate to spoil the party but the buyer doesn’t care. Having the right car at the price is far more important so tell them about the car.
Independent dealers – This is where there is a bit of a mixed bag. The good ones generally make the effort to insert good quality comments about the car but then there are many that maybe insert a line or two (or nothing).
Private sellers – Maybe it is because they are just selling one car (every 3-5 years) but they generally do a far better job than dealers in selling the car in the comments.
These 3 pillars cannot be ignored and if nothing else is done, it is these 3 that must be done well.

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