3 Points to Win

Who do you work for – you, your manager or the company? It’s an interesting question.

I’m a firm believer in the triangle philosophy to answer this question. I’m not sure where it came from but this is something I have used for many years and is really an over-arching extension of mastering managing up which I have talked about before.

At the top of the triangle is you. At one point of the triangle is your manager and at the other point is the company. In between each point is an arrow pointing both ways.
What this depicts is a win-win-win philosophy in that there has to be a win for you as the employee, a win for your manager and a win for the company – as such you work for all three. I have found that by using this as an image can be very powerful in decision making whether you are the employee, boss or even the company owner.

Have a think about it and you will find that it can be used as a great starting point in decision making when looking after an employee and in turn looking after yourself and the company. It works three ways and if all parties are happy then all should get a positive result.

It can also be used for thinking about business relationships if you put a service provider at the top, you at one corner and the company in the other corner as a thought provoker to achieving a win for all parties in a business arrangement.

Oh, to be truthful it’s probably a stretch to call it a “philosophy” but I like the sound of it.

And if you don’t like it, agree with it or understand it, that’s ok. I’ll continue to use it.

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