4 Auto Classified SEM Products

We all know that Google is an amazing business. One of the things that amazes me with Google is the fact that it is created two new business fields in their own right in SEO and SEM.

Companies, professionals, agencies, experts all specializing in these two Google created fields. These two fields are about being found in a search engine with SEO the science of ensuring you are at the top of “generic” listings and SEM in the paid listings. The search engine doesn’t have to mean Google (although it is the most common) and it doesn’t have to be a generic search engine like Google.

A classifieds site is also a search engine enabling a consumer to search through hundreds of thousands or millions of listings and SEO and SEM applies to them too.
I’ve talked about the SEO key components before (photos, comments & comments) so here’s 4 SEM products that are available on carsales and should be available on all good auto classified sites:

1. Top Spot – Not only will your car be at the top of the search results (the car must still meet the the search criteria), it will also have the biggest photo in the search results ensuring the consumer cannot miss it. Guaranteed to deliver more search result views than any other product.

2. Showcase – The next best thing after Top Spot. Showcase cars will appear on the first page (Google has taught us we must be on page 1!) and will have a larger photo in the search results than standard listings, ensuring it is seen.
3. CarFacts Getting a CarFacts report generated and displaying the report with the car for sale in the search results makes the car more attractive to view than a car that hasn’t got one. A CarFacts report gives the buyer piece of mind in knowing if the car has been written off, isn’t finance encumbered, stolen, etc.
4. Redbook Inspect Report – Similar to the CarFacts report, getting your car inspected by Redbook Inspect and having the report listed in the search results with the car yells out to a buyer to “view me” then the report detail says “buy me”.
Just like SEM on Google works, SEM products in auto classified sites are selling tools; they help to sell and they work. Try them the next time you are selling a car. Not using them is a false economy.

NB All opinions are my own.

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