Balancing Work and YOU


I read a good post recently from Jason Wyatt, Managing Director at Marketplacer, titled “Being an entrepreneur is tough work, so look after yourself“.

His first paragraph reads: “There’s no way around it: as an entrepreneur, you need to put in the hard yards to make your business a success. Getting a venture off the ground takes enormous effort and focus.

He is right and guess what, it’s not only entrepreneurs who this applies to, it is everyone. The majority of people I know and associate with are multi-faceted in that they work (paid or unpaid, ie housework), are husbands/wives, fathers/mothers, involved in school stuff, junior club stuff, etc. Combining all of this “takes enormous effort and focus”.

Make no mistake, generally speaking to make everything work is “tough work”.

The work part of it is almost the easy bit be it running a business, housework, working in a large corporate, a small business, tradie, white-collar worker, anything. It is juggling the next 4-5 things on your to-dos that can leave you gasping for air let alone making the time to keep active.

This is why you need to look after yourself, mentally and physically. Looking after yourself can and does mean different things to different people but at the core you need to ensure you are happy and healthy.
I am one that likes to exercise. It is important to my state of mind and body so I do prioritise it which means the very first part of my week-day before work is exercise time. Sometimes I get a good long session in, sometimes a short quick session and sometimes I just can’t make it work. When I travel I make sure I stay in a hotel with a gym so that I can keep moving. For me it is as much about my mental state as my physical state.

Not everyone likes to exercise, granted. Looking after yourself doesn’t have to be about exercise; just look after yourself in all aspects to be your best at all facets in your life.

Remember, YOU are at the top of the triangle (3 Points to Win).

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