Repeat Customer to Negative Reviewer

I’m not a sales guru by any stretch but this is about a sales technique that I wouldn’t recommend.

We all value reviews on services and products from our friends, the general public and experts, especially in this connected world. I’ve never been one to provide negative reviews but this is a quick story of how I went from a potential repeat customer to a negative reviewer very quickly.

I’m sure a few have been in similar situations and hopefully someone can learn from it. No one likes to be treated like a fool especially when you are the one holding the cheque.
I was after some shutters on a number of windows at home. I called a company I had used many years earlier at my previous house so I was a repeat customer. Their salesperson came out to do his measurements then worked out some pricing before we sat down to look at the numbers.

The very first thing he did was write down a number on a piece of paper, told me this is the retail price then crossed it out and wrote another number down because “he wasn’t going to stuff me around”. Really? I pushed him a little and very quickly we were at about 44% of the retail price.
The caveat he had on the price was that he “believed” scaffolding would be required to complete the job. The next time I spoke to the salesperson was to tell me the cost of the scaffolding required which added up to a 40% increase on the price he quoted – so we were practically back to the retail price remarkably enough!

“But you are still getting a 44% discount on the shutters, it is the size of the house that requires this level of scaffolding”, he told me. Really? Does this sales tactic really work on anyone?
I wasn’t just not going to use their service, I was pissed and I called/emailed the company to get a comment back. Nothing was forthcoming so I wrote a review on and gave them 1 star out of 5 (the minimum). I must admit it felt good. I showed them!

It’s amazing how quick you can turn someone from a potential repeat customer to a negative reviewer so quickly and in today’s online world, why would you take the risk?

Footnote: I got a great job on the shutters for less than the 44% off the retail price I was initially quoted with no scaffolding required.

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