9 Things Moving Soloautos in Mexico

carsales push into controlling positions in Mexico and Chile follows our successful deploy of IP and tech services into our minority, strategic positions in Brazil and South Korea.

Here’s 9 things we’ve implemented into Soloautos.mx in September that we think will give the business a kick along:

1. New logo. For the first we have introduced the carsales “swish” to one of our global partner’s logos making it instantly recognizable as a carsales brand. We’ve kept the Soloautos red and black in the logo but have made all the letters lower case to give it a more modern look.
2. New website. Now much cleaner, stronger action points throughout the site with larger vehicle photos. Along with the new logo, the new website signals to Mexico that Soloautos is on the move. Our first few weeks have already seen a significant increase in pages per visit and a lowering in bounce rate.

3. Ryvuss search. carsales’ proprietary search platform has been integrated into the new website giving Soloautos best in class search and search navigation capabilities.
4. New sell pages. Cleaner and clearer process to point sellers to the selling package that is right for them. First day live with new sell pages was a record day in terms of ads placed and this positive trend continued in the first few weeks.
5. Deeper Autologia integration. Autologia is our editorial brand which we have now integrated tightly into the new website. This is a great result for all car buyers, researchers and enthusiasts visiting Soloautos.
6. Better SEO structures. This is a very important piece of the new website so the right information in the Soloautos website can be found by consumers searching for cars in Mexico – remember Google is for searching, Soloautos is for finding.

7. Move into AWS. By moving Soloatuos into the cloud we immediately get an uplift in scalability, reliability, disaster recovery options and response times, not to mention carsales management and support with the website now sitting next to all carsales other online assets.

8. New display advertising options. The new Soloautos website enables us to offer OEM’s, dealers, finance companies, insurance companies and the like more targeted, integrated advertising options that compliments the inventory and editorial focus of the site.

9. Back end integration. Not only does the new website integrate seamlessly with the existing Soloautos dealer control panel, it also integrates into the carsales Autogate system. This enables Soloautos to provide an increased level of service to existing dealers using existing tools and also gives Soloautos the opportunity to leverage from Autogate’s proven lead management features.

This is just the start of things to come and it is certainly an exciting time for Soloautos and Mexicans looking to buy and sell cars!

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